Sunday, August 16, 2009

these are some specially ckp dishes

  • Khemyache Kanavle
  • 02. Chinchecha Kalvan
  • 03. Bharli Kavti
  • Shevlaachi Bhaaji
  • Shevlaachi Kani
  • Shevlaachi Vadi
  • Kolambiche Lonche
  • Ambat Tikhat assal CKP Kalvan
  • Lipta Javla
  • Ninaava
  • Puran Poli(specifically Tel Poli)
  • Kolambi/Sode/Mutton/Vaalachi Khichdi
  • Khaajyache Kanovle
  • Ukad Handi
  • Meeryache Ambatvaran
  • Suki Sukat / Kadi (with Onions)
  • Bomblaache / Gholliche Bhujne
  • Masuryaachi Amti with Tallalela Masala n Vade
  • Liptya Teesrya
  • Mundi/Paya
  • Bhajaniche Thalipeeth
  • Sode ghatleli Vangyaachi Bhaji
  • Dirdha
  • Vaatli Daal
  • Daalimbya/Suka Birdha
  • Valaache Birdhe


  1. Hi,
    Being a seafood lover,I'm very much interested in knowing the recipe of TYPICAL GHARGUTI (Homestyle)CKP MASALA/TIKHAT that is used in Typical CKP FISH/PRAWN Curries, while browsing the net for this I came across u're blog & couldn't find any recipes here though, but the listing of some traditional CKP dishes.
    Would you please upload the recipe of masala & or recipes of some CKP specialty NON VEG dishes such as "Aambat Tikhat Assal CKP Kalvan" soon ?

  2. When are we going to see some recipes for the above mentioned food??

  3. आयुष्यभर बायकोच जास्ती आंबट पापलेटाच कालवण खाल्यानंतर शेवटी ती आता चिंच थोडी कमी घालायला लागली. आता कालवण खरच सुरेख लागत. तेव्हा तुम्ही सगळ्या रणदिवे, चित्रे, खोपकर, गुप्ते आणि प्रधान बायका, चिंचेचा हात थोडा आवरून घ्या.

  4. Telpolya aani khajyache kanavle ... Very much exclusive to CKPs . Unfortunatly the art. seems forgotten by young generation and now we have only the list to admire..

  5. Very true Anonymous, unfortunately we have lost our unique and most precious art and skills of Telpolya aani khajyache kanavle. The one who knew it either no more alive or the young generation have taken no interest in learning it from their mothers. I hope there is still time to catchup on this before its too late.
    Raju Deshpande

  6. Being a Kokanastha Bramhan ... Normally prattek bhaji madhe goad ghalyachi paddhat aahe , pan me swata Khup Tikhat jewan karte vegetarian aahe pan me CKP veg food chi jabardast fan aahe . mala specially CKP veg recipes shikaychya aahet, Google search kartana ha blog disla ani lagech join kela me . I hope its not restricted only for CKP's .

  7. Pls share recipe of kolambiche lonache